Powerun provides "ONE STOP SOLUTION" to the Process Industry

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provides "ONE STOP SOLUTION" to the Process Industry. Discuss your application with our friendly dedicated Sales & Technical team. is one of the best Industrial Instrumentation suppliers for more than a decade in the country.

Every product in the range is chosen for its leading edge technology, reliability & quality. Our sources are amongst the world's foremost manufacturers in the different product areas. Our web site is a user friendly tool for selection of Instruments and planning your budget. Specification sheet and Manuals are available for all the products and it can be downloaded for your reference. Prices and availability details are responded to your email address in less than 24 hours. Try us and you will feel the difference!

Our most popular products are: (just an outline only)

  • Raytek for Infrared measurements

  • PR Electronics for Temperature transmitters

  • Flow meters & Pressure sensors from Gems

  • Displacement transducers

  • Brainchild Indicators & Controllers

  • Data loggers for all applications

  • Handheld meters for different measurements.

  • Thermal Imaging from the world leaders

  • Wide range of THERMOCOUPLE Cables



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